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"Nothing is more important to America than citizenship; there is more assurance of our future in the individual character of our citizens than in any proposal I, and all the wise advisers I can gather, can ever put into effect in Washington." Warren G. Harding

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BIO: Warren G. Harding was President from 1921-23, after serving one term as the U.S. Senator from Ohio. A conservative Republican, Harding campaigned on a "Return to Normalcy" and "America First." In his inaugural address, he said: "Our most dangerous tendency is to expect too much from the government and at the same time do too little for it."

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1 NAACP voter registration drive, 1948
2 Fourteen-year-old spinner, West,Texas, 1913
3 Street car terminal, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, 1939
4 Ceiling of Capitol Rotunda
5 Suffragettes at House of Representatives office building, 1916
6 Emigrants crossing the Plains, 1860s
7 Statuary Hall, U.S.Capitol (MASON: This image is a little fuzzy. Let’s try this one instead.) Do we have rights to this image? Yes! All set!
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"T.D. Ford". (EL 12.13.11)
8 U.S.Senators on Capitol steps, 1874
9 Belzoni Mississippi, 1939
10 U.S.Capitol, 1906
11 Capitol hung in crepe, flags at half-mast after Lincoln assassination, 1865
12 U.S.Capitol and Capitol Visitor Center
13 Capitol Rotunda frieze
14 West front of Capitol building
15 Capitol Rotunda dome
16 Senator Robert LaFollette of Wisconsin, 1924
17 Mexican-American schoolgirls in Southwest, 1901
18 The only two female Members of Congress in 1922
19 U.S. Capitol and Senate office building, c1930(?)(ELAINE- Can you track down better date somehow?) (MASON: Can we reverse this image? It's backwards.) This is an AOC image -- I think from Mason. I don't have any information on the image -- do you, Mason?
20 Durham,North Carolina, 1940
21 Midnight at glass works in Indiana, 1908
22 Memphis,Tennessee, 1943
23 James Madison’s notes for remarks on Bill of Rights, 1789
24 Census map showing slave populations, 1861
25 Thomas Jefferson’s tabulation of votes on Bill of Rights, 1789-91
26 Inlet,New York, c1915
27 Senator Daniel Webster’s speech on threats to Union, 1830
28 (MASON: On wiki we have another, sharper image of LaFollette speaking from wagon, from different angle, just above the one currently used in Civic Quotes. Need to replace.) Robert LaFollette campaigning, Cumberland Wisconsin, 1897
29 Construction of Capitol dome during Civil War, 1859
30 Location for nation’s capital onPotomac River, 1801
31 Design of new Capitol dome, 1859
32 MASON: Here is a better resolution version of the image we had in here initially of Senate chamber. Need to drop current one since we’ve already used it. See how this looks: Old Senate Chamber, 1848
33 Artwork in Capitol Rotunda
34 West front, U.S. Capitol building
35 Benjamin Latrobe drawing of U.S. Capitol, 1806
36 U.S. Capitol and nearby buildings, 1839
37 Senator Henry Clay proposing Compromise of 1850 to save Union
38 U.S. Capitol, Statuary Hall ceiling
39 U.S. Capitol building seen from Pennsylvania Avenue
40 The U.S.Capitol in 1846
41 George Washington’s handwritten copy of first inaugural address, 1789
42 U.S. Capitol, c1920 (?) (ELAINE- Can you track down better date somehow?) The only information on the Library site is that the photo is from [between 1918 and 1920]. I think the Library would have the best information available.
43 Cots set up in Old Senate Chamber during filibuster
44 Newly constructed House of Representatives chamber, 1866
45 The Capitol at night, 1921
46 View of Capitol dome from inside Capitol Visitor Center
47 Only wing of Capitol completed when occupied by Congress in 1800
48 World War I Bonus Marchers at Capitol, 1932
49 North Dakota farmers viewing ballot on election day, 1940
50 Newsboys in front of Senate, 1912
51 U.S. Army recruiting station, 1919
52 President Theodore Roosevelt leaving Capitol, 1912
53 Cleveland Ohio, 1912
54 Class on west terrace of Capitol building, c1899
55 East plaza of Capitol, 1918
56 Inauguration of Theodore Roosevelt, 1905
57 Riveter working on bomber,Fort Worth Texas, 1942
58 Civil defense volunteers, New York, 1941
59 Voting in New York City, 1913
60 Organizers of March on Washington, 1963
61 U.S. Capitol dome
62 Buffalo New York school children who work in local cannery at night, 1910
63 Oval Office, 1963
64 Senator Robert Kennedy, New York City, 1966

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-Is a higher res version of #7 available? Is OK, but nice if sharper. This was the highest res I could find unfortunately
-I'd move #18 toward the back. Have another Barbara Jordan quote coming up in #20, and better image there.
-wrong quote for #20
-Should separate images 20 and 22 more. Both B&W at bus station.
-Is higher res version of #23 available? I believe this is the highest resolution we have. Elaine? Yes.
-possible image to replace #32 (which repeats image used in #7)
Have a new image here, let's push this one through to the final round of review.
-wrong quote for #33.
-I'd separate 34, 35, 36 a little more. All three images of Capitol.
-I'd move back #43 a bit. Similar to other Dirksen quote a few images earlier.
-I'd separate 51 and 53 images a bit. Somewhat similar look.
-wrong quote for #54
-Move #55 to somewhere in the first 10 images. Great Brandeis quote.
-I'd separate 60 and 61 a bit. Similar shaped images.
-I'd switch #63 to be #64- JFK quote nice way to end, and move up the RFK image (now #64) to some earlier spot so not so close to JFK.
Images didn't come up for 48, 62

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